Hand Sanitiser


Hand Sanitiser


Hand Sanitiser


The Hand sanitiser products are available in various formats and have been tested to the latest medical hand scrub virology standards for enveloped and non enveloped viruses and specifically against Coronaviruses. (EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019).


  • 100 Ml spray. They come in boxes of 20 and there’s 162 boxes on a pallet (3,240 units)
  • 1 Litre Trigger spray. They come in boxes of 12, there’s 33 boxes on a pallet (396 units)
  • 5L Container. They come in boxes of 3, There’s 33 boxes on a pallet (99 units)


Benefits of SUPROXTM Hand sanitiser & Multi surface disinfection products, compared with alcohol.


  1. SuproxTM is a formulation based around HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) a powerful alternative to alcohol, the benefits of which are well documented, such as quick contact time, devastating efficacy against all known organisms, and having no mutagenicity issues and being of low risk to end users.


  1. SuproxTM has a full spectrum claim against Non enveloped viruses which are regarded as significantly more difficult to kill than enveloped viruses such as the current Wuhan Coronavirus. These tests include efficacy against Polio, Adenovirus, and Maurine Norovirus to EN 14476.


  1. Following the global coronavirus outbreak SuproxTM has been tested against enveloped viruses & closely related surrogate for the Wuhan Coronavirus and achieved the standard EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019 in the required two minute contact time for medical hand scrub products.


  1. Alcohol gels are not Sporicidal or effective against organisms associated with hospital acquired infections such as Clostridium Difficile. SuproxTM is a highly effective sporicide.


  1. Ethanol based products are dangerous to delicate tissues, SuproxTM is safer to use than alcohol as it is not flammable, acutely toxic, cytotoxic, sensitising and is Non irritating to skin, eyes, or respiratory system. SuproxTM is routinely MEA (Mouse embryoassay) tested for use in areas with potential exposure to the most vulnerable animal cells. It also degrades back to it’s constituents, H2O (Water) and NaCl (Salt) making it more environmentally responsible.


  1. SuproxTM products are multi purpose and can be used on skin or surfaces ideal for sanitising, work areas, phones or other pieces of equipment, unlike alcohol gels.


  1. SuproxTM does not evaporate as rapidly as alcohol gels and promotes good practice, encouraging end users to adhere to the correct hand washing practices.


  1. SuproxTM does not make any claims that are not consistent with test data, the Biocide product regulations, HSE or MHRA guidelines. Unfortunately due to the speed at which this pandemic has descended some products are making claims against viruses and even ‘COVID-19’ (Crucially NOT the virus but the respiratory disease associated with the Wuhan Coronavirus) or untested formulations that have incorrect concentrations of active substances or other adulterants that could adversely effect the antimicrobial properties and overall performance of the product.


  1. There’s no doubt that correctly formulated (Ethanol/water content) Alcohol gel hand sanitisers can be an effective product against bacteria and viruses.